Aldina (1999, 5'), for vibraphone and soprano voice on a text in English by Christina Rossetti.

Archers of Solitude (2007, 20'), for soprano, clarinet, marimba, and percussion sextet on texts by Wendell Berry. Each of the four songs is preceded by a prelude that sets the timbral and expressive mood of the text. The percussionists surround the audience and use sounds of nature such as running water, whirling tubes, and bird calls. The score has some improvisation and indeterminate notation.

Balletti di Bronzo (2006, 15'), for solo marimba (five octaves, low C), in three movements.

Bulking Up (2001, 10'), for percussion quartet.

Bushido (1996, 13'), for percussion trio. A trio that emphasizes pitched instruments (marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, timpani, chimes).

Concertino dell'incenso, for marimba and string orchestra (1998, 15'). Chamber version available. A concerto in one movement for marimba (low A) and string orchestra (can also be performed by a string quintet).

Elegia del Silenzio (2001, 5'), for trumpet and vibraphone.

Moon Soul Moon-soul was commissioned by James Preiss to celebrate the wedding of violinist Elizabeth Young and timpanist Jeremy Levine.

Partita for One Percussionist (1991, 10'). A solo for assorted instruments (mostly drums; also calls for marimba, vibraphone, bass drum, tamtam, no timpani).

Pumping Up (1993, 15'). A percussion duo for non-pitched instruments.

Sbachetar (1987, 10'), for percussion quartet. A quartet based mostly on ostinato patterns, with a central section emphasizing the use of rolls. Xylophone and timpani plus drums and accessories.

Six Fleeting Moods (2002, 15'), for solo marimba.

The Karma Quintet (2000, 15'), for percussion quintet.

Three Rossetti Songs (2006, 5') for soprano (or tenor) and vibraphone.
Text in English by Christina Rossetti.

Wild Forebodings (2002, 10'), for solo marimba.