Balletti di Bronzo (2006, 15'), for solo marimba (five octaves, low C), in three movements.

The Book of Friends, nn. 1-10 (5'-7', 1994- present) An ongoing series of short, flashy and virtuosic musical "portraits", written (so far) for clarinet, french horn, trumpet, oboe, bassoon, bass clarinet, cello, violin, alto sax, tenor sax.

Eterni Ritorni, (Eternal Returns) (2006, 7') for violin.

Figliol Prodigo, (Prodigal Son) (2001, 1', score published by Mnemes), for bass clarinet.

"Flexible Desires" (2011, 8') for piano.

Flutilities (1993, 7') for flute

Iffy (1991, 5') for piano.

"Inner Landscapes" (2010) for piano.

Partita per un Percussionista (1992, 10') for percussion.

Six Fleeting Moods (2002, 15'), for solo marimba.

Wild Forebodings (2002, 10'), for solo marimba.