News 2010

-"Inner Landscapes", commissioned by pianist Adam Marks through private donors and written for him, was premiered at the Core Energetics benefit concert on Saturday, December 4, 2010 at 8:00 pm at the Renée Weiler Recital Hall-Greenwich House in New York City. "Inner Landscapes" is scored for a vocalizing pianist. The text was excerpted and assembled by the composer from a wide variety of sources which through the years have been important to him, including Eva Pierrakos, The Kaddish, The Book of Job, A Course in Miracles, St. Francis' Song of Creatures and various Tantric texts. The work is divided into four movements, entitled respectively "The Propulsion of Purpose", "Dust from the Rubble of Dreams", "Tantric Fire", and "The Mechanism of Miracles", and depict the emotions of a man's life. Musically, a wide variety of styles and compositional techniques coexist, with lyrical and expressive moments characterized by late-Romantic harmonies, highly virtuosic dissonant passages, and moving, ethereal sections. The second movement also features graphic notation, in which the performer is asked to improvise on the basis of the graphic symbols in the score. Musical materials that have shaped the composer's life since his early childhood emerge hauntingly to the surface of the music, like relics from the past; the composer calls them in Italian “fantasmi della memoria" (ghosts of memory).

-"Degli Eroici Furori" is the title of the work for clarinet and piano that Davide has just completed. The piece was written for Guido Arbonelli, the Italian clarinet virtuoso and long-time champion of Davide's music. The piece is to be premiered during Guido's upcoming tour of Argentina and will then be played many times in Mr. Arbonelli's concerts in Italy and Europe.

-Davide is writing "Beppe", a piece for solo flugelhorn, which is n. 11 in his ongoing series "The Book of Friends", a series of musical portraits of his friends. The piece is written for Italian trumpet player Ivano Ascari and will be recorded in an upcoming CD.

-Percussionist James Preiss has commissioned Davide to compose a work for violin and timpani for violinist Elisabeth Young and her husband, timpanist Jeremy Levine. Davide and Jeremy's collaboration started years ago, when Jeremy was still a student at Mannes Conservatory, where the percussion ensemble played several of Davide's works. This work, the title of which is "Moon-Soul", was conceived by James as a wedding gift for Elisabeth and Jeremy. The premiere will be scheduled during the summer.